We all have to face our fears. 
Then, we must face hope.

As a professional photographer, I stand facing many subjects that inspire me and provide opportunities for amazing photographs. From beautiful snow-covered mountains reflected in the Arctic Sea to the quiet sands of the Sahara glowing in soft morning light, I have been very fortunate to photograph some amazing places throughout the world. I am also blessed with a career that allows me to document truly joyous moments of life, as I spend most days working with newborns only a few days old, young children full of curiosity and wonder, and soulmates celebrating their commitment to spend the rest of their life together. 

But when I stood behind the camera to face the subjects you will see in our first book, I was deeply moved in a way that I had yet to experience before as a photographer. I was facing people battling for their lives, diagnosed with cancer yet choosing to live with optimism and courage; unwilling to let their circumstances pull them down into a world of darkness. For the first time, I was facing hope.

-Autumn Stankay